July 2023

The Success Story of IARMEA 2023

Virtual Session

name Affliation Article title
Prof.Nina Ponikvar School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Vertical and Horizontal Pay Dispersion, Labour Turnover and Firm Performance
Prof.Ephrem Habtemichael Redda North-West University, South Africa The nexus between utilitarian and hedonic values, online shopping satisfaction, and purchase intentions
Dr.Flávio Henrique Batista de Souza Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte UNIBH, Brazil Innovation in Medical and Legal Education: Artificial Intelligence in lawsuits against Health Plans
Implementation of Improvements to Increase Quality in the Production of Medical Equipment: A case study in a Small Business
Modeling and Simulation for the Purchasing Process: A Case Study in a Service Provider Company
BPMN and Petri Nets: A Case study of Process Optimization in a Project Engineering Company
Dr.Shani Kuna Sapir Academic College, Israel Artificial Intelligence in the workplace: Challenges for Human Resource Management
Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Post Pandemic Workplace
Dr.Catherine Plante University of New Hampshire, United States The Association Between State Reporting Requirements and Municipal Bond Interest Costs
Dr.Akwesi Assensoh-Kodua Durban University of Technology, South Africa Factors Mediating Between Smaller and Bigger Devices for Mobile Banking
Dr.Daniel Schwab College of the Holy Cross, United States A higher minimum wage promotes workplace safety: Evidence from the restaurant industry
Dr.Ibrahim Halil Efendioglu GAZIANTEP UNIVERSITY, Turkey The Change of Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence
Prof.Tetiana Paientko Berlin University of Applied Sciences of Economics and Techniques, Germany Does Split-Rating Affects Corporate Bonds Yield?
Pulkeria Pascoe GHENT UNIVERSITY, Belgium Impact of firm-level factors and government business support on the performance of agri-food firms.
Khalil Bayramov University of Lodz, Poland The role of software and tools in reverse logistics and effect on oily waste management
Priscilla Oracca-Tetteh University of Ghana Emerging Technologies in Audit Practice; A bibliometric Analysis
Vijay Prasannaa Chennai, India Cost Accounting Techniques in Manufacturing sector & its challenges
Marvin Gindele HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany Fairness Opinions in corporate transactions. Evidence from the German takeover market
Target management and corporate transactions. Evidence from the German takeover market
Kingsley Success Ikani University of Economics, Katowice, Poland Foreign direct investment, its determinants and impact on economic growth and development: A comparative study
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